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Ordering instructions

Ordering seed samples – simple search

1. Enter the site

2. Use the search box to find accessions of your interest. Type an accession name (for example a variety name), a latin genus and species name or English common name in the search box. The search shows you suggestions below the search box.

Podany początek nazwy łacińskiej.
Podany początek nazwy obiektu.

3. Press „Search” button or click one of the suggestions below the search box. Then pick the “SMTA offer”.

4. The search results are now displayed on the screen. There are also information on the number of found results and related searches. There is a filter bar, a list of matching accessions and then at the bottom of the page, a navigation bar and a “Download/Share your searches” button.

5. In order to filter search results, click on the “Filter search results” bar.

You can filter the results by genus, species, country of origin, bilogical starus, crop group and common name of the plant. You can also decide if you want to see all the accessions that match the query, or only the ones that are availavle to order under SMTA conditions.

6. Click the accession name to see the passport data.

7. Click on one of the icon    to see photographs, evaluation data and other documents connected to the accession. The things are available when the icons are black.

8. When you choose an accession you want to order, just add it to the cart by clicking  

9. Click the icon  to see the list of accessions in your cart. You can delete unwanted accessions from the cart. You have to accept the regulations and the rules of personal data processing to proceed with your order.

10. You have to be logged in to order the accessions. Type your login and password or create new account.

11. Fill the delivery details and then click the „Next” button. 

12. Read and accept the terms of the SMTA (Standard Material Transfer Agreement).

13. Click the „Accept” button. You will receive a confirmation e-mail with the details of your order.